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Children see a pediatrician for their medical needs, why not see a Pediatric Dentist for their dental needs? Come see the difference a Specialist makes!

  • Pediatric dentists , like pediatricians, have advanced training to treat children. Our doctors have been trained to treat cavities in baby teeth which are more susceptible to decay than adult teeth.
  • Child friendly language that our doctors and staff use takes away the fear of the dentistry itself . All aspects of our office are specially designed to accommodate children, including smaller equipment designed for little mouths.
  • Pediatric dentists provide preventative care to promote a healthy lifestyle.
  • Our pediatric dentists provide the finest comprehensive dental care for the children in our practice so they l eave the office with a healthy smile and positive attitude toward dental care as they approach childhood.
  • Pediatric dentists have extra training to help address the emotional, physical, and behavioral needs of children – Our doctors understand how best to make the patient feel comfortable and deliver the best oral care.
  • As Pediatric Dentists we often hear “They are just baby teeth , why should I worry about them ?” Baby teeth help children chew properly and speak clearly as well as aid in forming a path for permanent teeth to erupt correctly.
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