The goal of our pediatric dentist team is to provide the finest comprehensive pediatric dental care for the children in our practice so they leave with a healthy smile and a positive attitude toward dental care as they approach adulthood.




Dr. Jerry Udelson, DDS
1125 S. Harlem Avenue
Forest Park, IL 60130
PHONE (708) FUN-KIDS (386-5437)
FAX (708) 771-KIDZ (5439)


Please call 708-386-5437


Pediatric Dental Emergencies: 708-745-2328

Forest Park Kids Dentistry Fun


  • We took my 3yo son for his first dentist visit. We were nervous on how he would do. All the staff was super helpful and reassuring to him. It was a nice environment. Would
    Gina Bavone
  • Our daughter Jas has special needs and we love the patient, caring, attentive service she receives. It's a great environment and takes all the anxieties away! Plus, no cavities!! We appreciate YOU!
    LaTonya Jackson
  • Great doctors and staff. Very understanding and super friendly with kids. Mother of twin girls 3 years old. (October 2012)
    Alexandra Basto Howell#twins
  • A great dentistry environment. My daughter loves going to the dentist but they make it fearless. She comes from the back with a big smile! It helps me because I had a fear of
    Cassandra Washington#fearless
  • My son was terrified of the Dentist. I chose Dr. Jerry's Children's Dentistry of Forest Park because they specialize in kids. My son hasn't put up a fight when it's been time for
    Cheryl Green#fundentist
  • Liliana LOVES visiting your office and enjoyed the visit from your staff to her school at ST PAUL/OLV. Thank you for making her dental appointments enjoyable. (Spring 2012)
    Veronica Bonilla#fundentist
  • Thank you for the emergency care for my 3 yr old on a Saturday (March 2013)
    Olivia Folsom-Miller#SaturdayEmergency
*These are all real testimonials from our Facebook page.
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